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Modern Offset Shape

Steel Neck Inserts

Bryn Marin Pickups

A modern offset shape that is more comfortable and natural.  The lower bout has been moved forward and the amount of offset has decreased for better balance.    

A stronger neck to body design that will not degrade over time.   Necks are easier to remove, reattach and realign. 

Authentic to spec using materials found on the original designs of the 50's and 60's

25 Inch Scale

1 Degree Neck Angle

Premium Wood

The perfect sweet spot between Gibson and Fender scale lengths. 

1 degree neck to body angle to product more string downward pressure to product more stability and resonance. 

Each individual board is hand picked for quality, grain pattern, and lightness.

Nitrocellulous Lacquer

Carbon Fiber Rods

52mm Bridge

multiple coats of instrument nitrocellulous lacquer applied for a thin, resonant, and deeply rich finish that will age beautifully

increased torsional and longitudinal stability with carbon fiber neck inserts in the neck for stability that will last a lifetime.

A slightly narrower bridge string spacing to prevent the strings from falling off of the ends of the frets. 

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