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$1,699  ($1,999 with Mastery)

hi_res-f1-Bryn Marin Guitars_r1_01B_0011.png


Innovative Body Shape
A modern offset shape that is more comfortable and natural.  The lower bout has been moved forward and the amount of offset has decreased for better balance.

Perfect!  25.0" scale
A 25.0" scale that feels extremely comfortable and easy to play.   

Nitrocellulous Lacquer
multiple coats of instrument nitrocellulous lacquer applied for a thin, resonant, and deeply rich finish that will age beautifully.

Stainless Steel Neck Inserts 
A stronger neck to body joint with stainless steel inserts and screws the guitar neck is easier to remove and reattach without degrading over time like old school wood screws attached directly to the body.   
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Neck
Increased torsional and longitudinal stability with carbon fiber neck inserts in the neck.  This neck will not move or twist.   
Bryn Marin Custom Pickups
Oh so glorious with tone for days!   Authentic to spec hand scatter wound pickups using the same materials found on the original designs of the 50's and 60's.
PLEK Machine Setup ($200 add on)
This ​cutting-edge technology ensures a previously unattainable level of ​precision to 1/1000 of an inch, for perfect neck relief, action and intonation. 
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