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Handwound Pickups

The Phoenix -  Mini Humbucker

Introducing The Phoenix, a revolutionary guitar pickup that looks like a mini-humbucker but offers so much more. With its unique noise cancelling construction, The Phoenix closely resembles a full sounding single coil pickup, providing a bright, clear, and with a tight bass. The result is a more dynamic and vibrant sound that will elevate your playing to new heights. Say goodbye to unwanted interference and hello to a more focused and powerful tone with The Phoenix guitar pickup. 

Tonal Characteristics:   Like a humbucker but with more top end presence and dynamic range.    A more musical and expressive sound that is in between a single coil and humbucker.     


Wire:               42AWG Formvar

Magnet:          Alnico 2

Wax Potted:    100% Parrafin  


Wonka Bar - Jazzmaster single coil

A slightly warmer tone when compared to the Teddy G.   Not quite as bell like and crisp as the Teddy G but a little more even across the EQ curve.   This pickup is described as having the sound characteristics of a 50's era fender.   Not surprising since the same materials are used   


Tonal Characteristics:  Smooth vintage sound.   


Wire:               42AWG Formvar

Magnet:          Alnico 5

Wax Potted:    100% Parrafin 

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 9.02.27 PM.png

Teddy G - Jazzmaster single coil

The definitive sound of a classic Jazzmaster. .  A very detailed and chimey tone that captures the special sauce of the great Jazzmaster's of the mid 1960'.   Ted's favorite if that matters to you.  


Tonal Characteristics:  Tight bottom end, slightly scooped mid frequency, chimey top end.  Complex and shimmery.   


Wire:                42AWG Plain Enamel

Magnet:           Alnico 5

Wax Potted:    100% Paraffin 

The Johnson - Jazzmaster Single Coil

A little more PAF sounding to my ears. These pickups are paired with formar wire and Alnico 2 magnets for added fullness and throaty sound.  


Tone characteristics:    Full, meaty low end.  Even midrange and treble.    


Wire:                   42AWG Formvar

Magnet:              Alnico 2

Wax Potted:        100% Parrafin 

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